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If you’re alive and living in the world, you know that Tim Noakes is defending banting principles in court.  No matter what your personal opinion of the banting diet is, a lot of good things have come out of it – people are more aware of fermented foods and their benefits, which is fantastic. Probiotics and the care of the biome are talked about all the time. The fear of fat and full-cream dairy products is finally being laid to rest. A distinction is being made between dieticians and nutritionists.

This last thing is an idea whose time has definitely come. Dieticians are a part of the sickness industry and seem to know absolutely nothing about nutrition. I have no idea where they get their information from, but it’s not the same world I live and learn in.

Today a customer came back from the dietician and brought me the pages and pages of Diet Sheet that she paid so much money for. On the list of things to eat were lite mayonnaise, margarine, sugar free cordial, fat-free cheese, packet soups and canola oil. I kid you not. It’s a shame that this client spent time and money to be given such bad advice.

Maybe in the run-off of the Big Banting Debate the same world that is embracing avos and coconut oil will make a clearer distinction between dieticians and nutritionists and shun the former.

We can only hope…