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It’s amazing that, despite the internet and the access to information we have, that people still remain so ignorant when it comes to the supplements they spend so much money on. Mass-market supplements, especially vitamins, might contain ‘everything you need from A-Z, but at an average of 1mg per B, this is a sub-therapeutic dose; that means that it is too small to have any positive impact on your biology. It’s because of supplements like this that ‘they’ say vitamins make expensive urine. Vitamins, especially the B’s, are so important and so valuable when taken in the correct doses – not only do they have their own unique benefit, but at therapeutic doses they act as co-factors. This means that B vitamins help your body get things done in a more efficient way. For example, your liver cannot detox efficiently without B’s. Your Homocysteine, digestive enzymes and adrenalin (to name a few) all require B-vitamins as so-factors to be efficient in your body.

Also, B vitamins should never be taken in isolation. In other words, supplementing with B9 (Folic Acid) is not at all good for your nervous system – taking folic acid as part of a B Complex, or even adding a bit extra to a really good supplement – that is when it’s good for you. when you take B’s in isolation your body will, in time, begin to show deficiency symptoms in all the B’s you are NOT supplementing.