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When we start getting some signs that our immune system is taking strain – we want to know what to “take”. We want to just stop the symptoms without taking into account what our body may be telling us….it is time-consuming, inconvenient and annoying to deal with the needs of the body and we feel the overwhelming pressure to continue our busy, non-stop lifestyles.

Before you medicate, even with supplements, here are some immune system do’s and don’ts:

1. DON’T EAT SUGAR!   Do not consume sugar! We have heard it before but it is really true. Sugar will hijack our immune system and drain it of its resources for hours after every ‘treat’.   

2. DON’T EAT PROCESSED CARBS!  Be conscious of when and how often you are consuming refined carbohydrates. Processed white flours in pies, pizzas, pasta, cakes, breads and even potatoes… and in so many factory made foods and meals. Be aware that these processed carbs break down to become sugar in your body and cause all the toxicity as mentioned above.                                    

Rather see how you can include whole grain and whole foods like sweet potato, brown rice and quinoa into your meals daily.

3. DON’T DO ACTIVITIES THAT DRAIN YOU!  You know when you are busy doing something and you become aware that you really do not enjoy it, you are feeling drained, unenthusiastic and discontent? You notice you become more frustrated with your loved ones, you are more moody, anxious, unhappy. You feel forced and coerced, stuck in a system that goes against your gut… Pay attention to these feelings!    

4. DO EAT A RAINBOW!  Eat foods from as many different natural colour sources as possible! They fill our bodies with health and vitality with raw and organic energy. Our body can receive messages from the nutrients that we get from our food that are grown in nature. It cannot decipher chemical made food. By eating natural foods, vegetables, fruits, grains and greens from a variety of natural sources and colours we are giving our body a balance of nutrients and medicine that it can use, heal and thrive from

5. DO GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP!  Our bodies need to rest. Make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep for you and you are not feeling tired, drained, exhausted on waking or through the day.  Having a rhythmical schedule of sleep, with no lights on, in ‘proper’ dark will support our body to be at its optimum.  

6. DO THINGS YOU ENJOY! This is the opposite of number 3 and I include it again to emphasize the importance of surrounding your life and your daily activities, your work, your family and environment in a way that you are feeling nourished, happy and content from it.