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Labels on products are meant to be informative and to the benefit of the consumer. Are you aware that food labels with many ingredients are listed from the most to the least? So if sugar is the 1st ingredient you should avoid it but if sugar is the last ingredient it may be on your maybe list (not that we should be buying food-like products with more than 5 ingredients, but that is for another blog).

Labels on vitamins can also be misleading; ingredients are also listed in order of quantity and a good product will also include the tableting ingredients in this list.

Labels are also Silent Salesmen, speaking for the product when there is no assistant to offer advice. Be aware of labels that offer ingredients ‘Per Daily Dose’ as opposed to ‘per tablet’. Taking less than the recommended daily dose often leads to sub-therapeutic dosing, which means you have wasted your money.

Many children’s chewable supplements warn against giving the product to children under 3 years old – the reason for this is simply that if the toddler can’t or doesn’t chew, the supplement becomes a choking hazard. If you are concerned, rather buy a syrup, but if your munchkin can chew, the product is safe.

As a rule it’s always best to purchase your supplements form a store where there is a knowledgeable person to advise you so you don’t have to guess and make costly errors.