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I have been away travelling for a few days. We went as far as Thabazimbi and drove 2000kms in 4 days. It’s not easy being a healthy eater on a road trip. No garage shop or One-Stop sells yoghurt or fruit, though a few sell nuts and most places will sell a salad or even a fruit salad (though it’s probably sweetened). We went to Ed’s Diner in Pretoria and they offer beef, chicken, lamb or veggie burgers on a bun, or rye, or gluten-free or even no bun. Great to see places making an effort. I was greatly reminded of the old adage ‘do the best you can, where you are, with what you have’. I had a good time, didn’t once fall off the rails and though at times I got some skew looks, it was great to challenge my beliefs in this way. I never needed to ‘cheat’ on myself which means that what I am doing works for me. I am happy and ready to book my next weekend away in a far-flung place.