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I have worked in retail my entire adult life.  I qualified as a beautician for lack of any realistic desire and my 1st job was in a salon in a  pharmacy.  Because my heart wasn’t in it, the salon slowly failed and died and the pharmacy absorbed me into the front shop.  I learned how to sell medicine to sick people and kept doing it until I got married in 1990.  A baby came fast and the birth was difficult, complicated and traumatic.  The gynae told me on the Sunday night after the birth ‘ I work from dawn to dusk, Monday to Friday my dear’  and left me to struggle.  It was the 1st time that my faith in the medical profession wavered. The second time we did everything differently and had a vastly different experience, and I was slowly realising that I could be in control, and it shook my foundation; we were brought up to respect and admire The Doctor, The Dentist and The Chemist. 

It was during the 2nd pregnancy that I noticed my son had strange bruising on his joints.  A consultation concluded leukaemia and he was booked in for a bone marrow pull to confirm the diagnosis. By  this time the baby was born, so it was hubby at home and me at the hospital for the beginning of this ordeal.  They wouldn’t let me in the theatre and afterwards told me I couldn’t go home until the kid drank from a cup. In his groggy and anaesthetised state, I put him under my arm and fled the hospital like demons were on my back. We were advised that though he did not have Leukaemia, he had a serious liver dysfunction that was destroying the clotting factors and that he would not survive it and he should immediately be hospitalised.  But by now I had found my spine.  I opened the phone book to H and phoned Homeopaths until someone answered and gave me an appointment.  

That baby is 25 years old now.  He is as well and as strong and in fact bigger and fitter than most of his peers.  Since that first visit to the homeopath we have had very little use for the medical profession and the sickness industry.  They know about illness and how to suppress it and they know very little about health and nothing about nutrition.

I remained working as a pharmacy assistant and then a Pharmacist’s assistant for many years.  The more I learnt (by myself and for my kids) about health, the more I realised that mainstream medicine was pointless.  A patient would arrive with a prescription for a mucolytic and a cough suppressant (one thins mucus and one dries it) on the same script, for example. 

Every few years I tried ‘escaping’ and working in a different environment, but financially, the chemist was where I could earn and I always ended up back there until, at what turned out to be my last job, I finally figured out that if I spoke out, used my accumulated knowledge, I could actually help people get well and stay well.  I was fired so fast!  And here I am, helping people actually get well.  Helping people stay well.  And having fun doing it…