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Parasites and worms are a reality of life! Our Healthy bodies are exposed to them on a daily basis. You may not have kids or pets but here’s the truth about intestinal worms: worms like tapeworm and pinworm live in your intestines and lay their eggs around your bum. Worm eggs are tiny and fall and fly and settle in towels, sheets, carpets, clothing etc. Worm eggs can lie dormant for more than 70 years (!) waiting for a host body. We can pick up parasite infestations from other peoples homes, walking barefoot in public places, touching things in the supermarket and other benign and normal day-to-day life events.
The thing is to know. Parasites are everywhere and generally our immune systems deal with most of them fairly efficiently, BUT we need to de-worm and do parasite cleanses on a regular basis. If you live down here on the coast, or in a sub-tropical environment, every 6 months is optimum. If you live inland where it’s dry or cool then once a year is sufficient. Choose the best parasite cleanse you an afford and remember to do the whole family at once. Worm eggs fly and don’t die!!